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Roger Ligter

Real Estate Agent | info@la-palma-makelaar.nl


Working as a junior-buyer in The Netherlands, but spending many a holiday here with family, convinced me I felt more at home on the beautiful island of la Palma, than anywhere else.

Perhaps you, too, are familiar with that feeling of homesickness on the plane back to the UK?

I always especially appreciated the scenery and quality of life. That’s why, in 2006, I decide to settle here permanently.

I managed to find a position at a top Estate Agent, where I learnt the ropes. In subsequent years I worked for various other Agents, and in doing so I managed to build a sizeable network of colleagues and the local authorities. The urge to spread my wings and do things my way, with a more personal approach to helping clients, were important factors in starting in business for myself.

It isn’t just about viewing properties  and hoping a sale might happen. The goal is to find a property that comes as close to your dream as possible. The differences with the UK are vast; many things here are less well organised and there are a lot of potential minefields. As my experience is mainly in the commercial side of things and customer relations, I struck up a partnership with Civil Engineer Rogier van der Hoeven.

And that’s how La Palma Vacant came about…

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  • € 0 bis € 2.000.000