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Complete guidance

Complete guidance in realising your dream – before, during and after the buying process. Would you prefer a new build? Please contact us to discuss what’s possible, whether you want to build a private residence and/or tourist development.

Love is blind – including when you fall in love with a dream house for sale on La Palma

This is why you need an experienced real estate expert by your side, to advise and guide you in what may very well be the most expensive purchase you will ever make.

Buying real estate on La Palma is very different from the way things are done in the UK.

In the past, many properties were built illegally. And there can be major differences in building techniques and standards. Not knowing if or how these apply to any property you’re considering is just one of the pitfalls one can encounter when buying out here. Our combined background in real estate and civil engineering ensures we are familiar with most of these issues – so we can either sort them out for you, or offer you advice regarding the best properties to buy (and which to avoid). We always have up-to-date knowledge of local planning and building regulations, so we can safe-guard you against any unforeseen risks.

Unlike most other Agents, before we offer a property on our website we always thoroughly research its status and highlight possible issues that need resolving first. So you’ll be fully informed on every aspect right from the start, to ensure you have a good idea of whether a property is a sound investment or not.

The Personal Approach.

For us, the most reliable way of making your dream come true lies in creating a personal profile. Which aspects of life on La Palma are paramount to you? In what kind of setting do you wish to live? Do you perhaps wish to buy-to-let… plan an extension… or build a pool? We make a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of your personal wishes, so they can be approached realistically. Together with you and the profile based on your wishes, we draw up a list of suitable properties.

Viewing the Property Together.

Your time may be tight. So we will plan viewings for you, plus guide and you during the viewing. We’ll also offer advice regarding  legal matters, registration at various authorities, property boundaries, structural surveys, and possible commercial aspects.

Time to Negotiate.

When you’re ready to go forward with your acquisition, we can handle all the contact with the selling party and open negotiations for you. We will keep you informed every step in the process. If you wish, we can negotiate on your behalf, to ensure you get not only the best purchase price, but also the best terms of purchase.

NIE – Número de Identidad.

To buy a property on La Palma, you will need an ‘NIE’-number. This is somewhat comparable to a National Insurance number, but designed especially for foreigners. You also need this number for the payment of salary, getting insurance, opening a bank-account, applying for a driver’s license, and paying taxes. The NIE is issued by the Spanish Immigration Service when you apply for residence at the Santa Cruz Police Department. They have a special department for foreigners: Oficina de extranjería. It is advisable to do this as soon as possible, to ensure the transfer of the property can go through at time appointed by both parties. Of course, we will help you with your NIE application.

Opening a Bank Account.

Apart from an NIE-number, you will also need to open an account with a Spanish bank. You can opt for a resident’s account when you wish to permanently emigrate to Spain, or a non-resident’s account when you choose to keep your UK (or other) address.

Deed of Purchase.

When you and the selling party have agreed the purchase price, you can begin the actual  acquisition of the property. In order to do so, a deed of purchase needs to be drawn up. We will always extensively check these document for any pitfalls and owner’s rights and duties, to make sure any disproportionate disadvantages on your part are limited or eliminated altogether. Once this has been done, it is time to see the Civil Law Notary for the official transfer. In most cases, the buyer also pays the notary’s fees, the transfer fees (Impuestos sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales), and – usually – a real estate tax (Plusvalia). Once all parties have signed the deed at the notary’s office, you are officially the new owner of the property. The notary will then give you a simple copy (copia simple) of the deed.

If you do not employ a Real Estate Agent, please be very careful at the Notary’s  office: unlike a solicitor in the UK, a Spanish Notary will only perform basic checks regarding your purchase. Over here, an Estate Agent will perform a more detailed and careful check.

Your Personal Advisor and Go-To Person.

Naturally, we will also be there for you when it comes to the transfer of your details to new authorities and public utilities. Plus if you need any further advice, we will always be there for you with our extensive experience and knowledge.

Many of our clients have become our friends here on the island.

  • € 0 to € 2.000.000